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Skin Care for Dry Skin | Dry Skin Treatment | Dry Skin Care

What is Dry Skin:

Skin is the most important organ of our body whose care and health is very essential. Skin adopts weather effects frequently that can also result in harm to it. Specially winter season badly dries our skin and snatches its attraction as well.

dry skin

Dry skin is one of the most common skin problems. In order to stay soft and supple your skin needs to retain its natural moisture. But when exposed to direct sunlight in summer or harsh weather (cold and wind) in winter, when the central heating dries out the skin, it quickly loses its natural moisture and oils, becomes dry and chapped.

dry skin

Dry Skin Causes:

1. The oil glands do not supply enough lubrication to the skin. As a result, the skin becomes dehydrated.

2. Skin gets exposed to the elements especially in winter.

3. Dry skin could be due to a genetic condition.

4. Deficiency of some minerals and vitamins also result in rough and dry skin.

5. Environmental factors such as exposure to sun, wind, cold, chemicals, or cosmetics, or excessive bathing with harsh soaps.

6. Some shampoos could also cause your scalp and skin to dry out.

7. Conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea.

dry skin

Dry Skin Symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of dry skin depend on your age, your health status, your locale, the amount of time you spend outdoors and the cause of the problem.

* A feeling of skin tightness, especially after showering, bathing or swimming.
* Skin that appears shrunken or dehydrated.
* Skin that feels and looks rough rather than smooth.
* Itching that sometimes may be intense.
* Fine lines or cracks.
* Redness.

dry skin

Home Remedies for Dry Skin:

1. Drink lots of water. It helps to keep your body hydrated and can alleviate dry skin to a great extent.

2. A warm glass of milk mixed with a teaspoon or two of almond oil, before bedtime, can work wonders.

3. Before hitting the showers, rub honey all over your body and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes for a moisturizing feeling.

4. Try rubbing oatmeal on hands before washing.

5. Coconut or avocado oil is also really good for treating dry skin.

6. Glycerin oil is a good remedy for dry skin.

7. Petroleum jelly is one of the best remedies for dry lips, hands, and feet.

8. Include plenty of fruits into your diet.

9. Bananas can also be used to treat dry skin on your face and neck. Just mash a banana (ripe ones work better) and apply it like a face pack. After some time wash your face with warm water.

10. Get plenty of exercise as exercise helps to unblock your pores.

11. Quit smoking and see the difference.

12. Try to include spices such as turmeric, cumin, and coriander in your diet. They help to soothe and relieve dry skin.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Treatment for Ankle Pain | Ankle Pain Relief

What is Ankle Pain:

Ankle pain involves any discomfort in one or both ankles. When you have an ankle pain, your normal life activities get disrupted. You cannot stand on your feet or walk around as such activities puts a lot of pressure on the ankle.

ankle pain

Ankle pain can be associated with swelling, stiffness, redness, and warmth in the involved area. The pain is often described as an intense dull ache that occurs upon weight bearing and ankle motion.

ankle pain

Ankle Pain Symptoms:

The ankle pain itself is a symptom of an underlying problem.

• Redness
• Tenderness
• Warmth within the area
• Discoloration of the skin, such as it turning blue, gray or red
• Unable to bear weight on ankle

ankle pain

Ankle Pain Causes:

Most ankle pain, however, is the result of a sprain, which occurs when your ankle rolls over your foot, causing an ankle ligament to stretch or even tear. Though sprains are often sports related, they can occur when you walk on an uneven surface or simply take a misstep.

ankle pain

Ankle Pain Remedies:

1. Ice the area right away. Apply ice for 10-15 minutes every hour for the first day. Then, apply ice every 3-4 hours for 2 more days.

2. Rest your ankle for several days. Try not to put much weight on your ankle.

3. Drink Green tea or tea with ginger. Green tea and ginger are both natural anti-inflammatory and will help reduce any swelling.

4. Soak the affected foot in warm water and camphor. This is intended to assist in reducing swelling and helping rid your ankle of pain.

5. Put on an ACE bandage. You also can buy a brace that supports your ankle.

6. Use crutches or a cane to help take the weight off a sore or unsteady ankle.

7. Keep your foot raised above the level of your heart. When you are sitting or sleeping, place two pillows under your ankle.

8. You will need to start exercises to strengthen your ankle and avoid injury in the future. Do not begin these exercises until a health care professional tells you it is safe to start.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tips to Stay Looking Young | Ways to Look Younger

We definitely live in a youth obsessed culture because it seems like everyone wants to look younger than their age. If you are one of the lucky ones who was born with youthful genes and you naturally look young, you are very fortunate. Most people have to work at it.


There are some tips and techniques that, if followed religiously, can make you look younger than your age and also much more beautiful. For instance, if you keep fit, exercise on a regular basis and watch your diet, your body will feel as well as look quite young. Let us explore some tips on looking younger than your age.


Tips for Looking Young:

1. Morning Walk

Morning walk is a must to do thing, follow it as your daily routine. Morning walk is one of the most effective to attain good health and for young and fresh skin.

2. Sleep

Sleep is very important for good health and for healthy skin. If you want to attain and retain fresh and soft skin, take 6-8 hours sleep daily. Enough sleep helps to regulate your body’s metabolism and a natural way to remain young.


3. Sunscreen Lotion

Always wear a sunscreen lotion when you go out in the day, to protect your skin from harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. Make sure that you are using a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise is must to have a good health. If you do exercise daily, your body will remain active and function properly.


5. Lipstick Color

Pay attention to the lipstick color. Always avoid bright red and brown shades and stick to neutrals, like beiges and pinks.

6. Olives as Anti Aging Source

Green Olives has natural potential to fight against ageing factors, eat olives daily to look younger.

7. Manicures and Pedicures

Get manicures and pedicures done on a regular basis. Go for a facial sitting at least once in a month.

8. Eat Fruits and vegetables

Intake of Fruits and vegetables are directly related to our skin and health. Having enough amounts of fruits and vegetables in our diet chart will surely result to a fresh and younger skin and a healthy body.

9. Overweight

If you are overweight, try to lose those extra pounds, by sticking to a healthy diet and indulging in exercise. No crash dieting please.

10. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. It harms the skin; according to medical researchers smoking enhances the ageing factor to 45% in smokers in comparison to non smokers. Avoid smoking and stay healthy and young.

11. Drink Enough Water

Take plenty of water to get fresh skin. Water helps to hydrate the skin and removes impurities from the body.

12. Take a Balance Diet

Take a balance diet which contains all the vitamins and minerals, a balanced diet is very important, but most of us hardly plan out our menu with a balanced diet to get a healthier lifestyle.

13. Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

Carrots contain the beta carotene, a natural ingredient that fight against wrinkles and fine lines problems of skin. Take at least one carrot daily in your diet.

14. Think Positive

Your mental health directly affects your physical health. Adopt a positive attitude towards life and think positive, it’s the way to look young and healthy.

15. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best breathing exercise , one of the best of meditation too, try some of the best yoga exercise to get fresh skin and healthy life.


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