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Food Allergy Treatment | Food Allergy Cure

What is a Food Allergy:

Food allergies occur when your immune system makes a mistake. Normally, your immune system protects you from germs and disease. It does this by making antibodies that help you fight off bacteria, viruses, and other tiny organisms that can make you sick.

food allergy

The protein in the food is the most common allergic component. These kinds of allergies occur when the body's immune system mistakenly identifies a protein as harmful. Some proteins or fragments of proteins are resistant to digestion and those that are not broken down in the digestive process are tagged by the Immunoglobulin E (IgE).

food allergy

Food Allergy Causes:

Any food can cause an allergic reaction, but a few foods are the main culprits. In children and adults the most common food allergies are.

• Eggs
• Milk
• Peanuts
• Shellfish (shrimp, crab, lobster)
• Soy
• Tree nuts
• Wheat
• Fish
• Peanuts
• Shellfish
• Tree nuts

food allergy

Food Allergy Symptoms:

Symptoms of a food allergy may include:

* Rash or hives
* Nausea
* Stomach pain
* Diarrhea
* Itchy skin
* Shortness of breath
* Chest pain
* Swelling of the airways to the lungs
* Anaphylaxis

food allergy

Food Allergy Remedies:

* Put five drops of castor oil in half a cup of fruit vegetable juice or plain water and have the solution every morning. This helps in curing the allergies affecting the intestinal tract, nose and the skin.

* Half a lime, mixed in water with a teaspoon of honey can flush out allergy and toxic impurities.

* It is very helpful in taking four to five days of juice fast on regular basis in order to restore normal immune system functioning.

* One to two bananas a day can help you to avoid reactions like skin rashes, asthma, and digestive disorders.

* For nausea, put a fresh piece of ginger in tea to bring relief.

* Another remedy to deal with an upset stomach or vomiting tendencies, is to mix one tablespoon of cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey with a glass of water. Have this every night before going to bed in order to avoid morning sickness or nausea.

* Vitamin E is also effective home remedy. It is known to have anti-allergen properties and can be very beneficial in providing relief to a person suffering from food allergy.

* A combination of carrot, beet, and cucumber juices can help to control the symptoms of food allergic reactions.

* Yoga has also proved to very effective in treating certain allergy symptoms. Some of the important yogasanas like the yogamudra shoulderstand pose and half spinal twist pose are very helpful in treating allergies.

* Eggs can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals. Avoid eating half boiled eggs since it can cause allergic reaction.

* Milk can also cause allergy in certain people due to whey and casein present in it. Therefore it is better to consume pasteurized milk.

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  1. Food allergy is very dangerous to allergic patients, some time leads up to death of the patients. Several people suffer from this allergy and some of them could be life threatening symptoms that occur due to it.



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