Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Health Benefits of Milk for Human Body

Health benefits of milk include good bone health, smooth skin, strong immune system, prevention of illnesses such as hypertension, dental decay, dehydration, respiratory problems, obesity, osteoporosis and even some forms of cancer. The beneficial health nutrients obtained from milk are mandatory for human body and help in prevention of chronic ailments.
Milk is highly enriched in nutritional food value. It has almost all the regular nutritional elements such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals etc and thus provides a very healthy and natural source for fulfilling these nutritional needs.
The nutritional value of milk have always influenced people all over the world to include it in diet. Addition of milk in your daily diet can also help in achieving a well balanced diet. Milk is an ideal source of nutrients such as vitamin A & B, calcium, carbohydrate, phosphorous, magnesium, protein, zinc and riboflavin.
Milk is extremely beneficial drink for mankind. Some of the advantages of drinking this life giving nectar are as follows:
* Calcium: Milk is the best source of calcium supply to our body. Calcium protects the body from major chronic ailments such as cancerous chemicals, bone loss, arthritic condition, migraine headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome, and obesity in children and aids in losing unwanted fats.

* Milk is rich in calcium, which is very essential for growth and proper development of strong bone structure. Bone disorders such as osteoporosis can be prevented with daily intake of adequate quantity of milk.

* Taking a specific portion of milk in a daily basis helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

* Healthy Teeth: Encouraging children and youngsters to drink milk would give them excellent dental health, as milk protects the enamel surface against acidic substances.

* Regular consumption of milk also helps to reduce risk the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

* Rehydration: The body needs to be replenished with liquids at regular intervals. It is very essential for growing children and they must drink at least six to eight glasses of fluid every day. Milk contains a good quantity of water molecules and is considered the best fluid for rehydration.

* Skin Care: Milk is known to benefit our skin by helping us maintain a fair and smooth complexion. Milk is also good for dry skin, if you have dry skin apply milk on your face (and other body parts), leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it, the milk solids nourish and smoothen your skin, the lactic acid present in milk is known to aid in removing the dead skin cells, thereby rejuvenating your skin.

* Acidity Reduction: Consumption of milk products can also help in reducing heartburn aches, and high acidity stomachs.

Milk is a very healthy and natural diet and can be a substitute for unhealthy food with more fat and artificial elements.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Ten Best Foods for Flat Abs | Best Foods To Reduce Belly Fat

There is no secret diet that helps achieve rock hard abdominal muscles, or "abs." Sculpted abs a six pack will appear once you have shed excess abdominal fat and exercised your abs to become toned and tight. Choosing the right foods can help reduce those layers of fat and flatten the tummy.


Here, the top 10 choices for flatter abs. Hopefully you understand that crunches and sit ups are great for building the muscles that will give you great core stability and those six pack abs.


1. Almonds: Almonds contain protein, fiber, and vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. They’re also a good source of magnesium which is a mineral your body must have in order to produce energy, build and maintain muscle tissue, and regulate blood sugar.

2. Eggs: You should have eggs for breakfast to create greater feelings of satiation, which will lead you to eat less later in the day and promote adherence to calorie restriction. If you are concerned about cholesterol, simply remove the egg yolk and eat the whites.

3. Apples: Apples are a good source of fiber, which helps keep your digestive system flushed out and induces a flatter appearing abdomen.


4. Leafy Green: Eating leafy greens will add extra fiber and nutrients to your diet. Because they contain very few calories, you can fill up on leafy greens in a salad and feel full, without the calories of a heavy meal.

5. Yogurt: The probiotic bacteria in most yogurts help keep your digestive system healthy, which translates into a lower incidence of gas, bloating, and constipation, which can keep your tummy looking flat.

6. Salmon: Salmon is a fantastic source of omega 3 fatty acids. These healthy fats make your metabolism more efficient and salmon is also a great source of protein.

7. Soy: Soybeans are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, and protein. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile.


8. Berries: Berries are full of fiber which helps with calorie absorption and are also high in antioxidants which can help blood flow in turn making muscles contract more efficiently.

9. Veggie Soup: It’s a simple way to get your source of vegetables and if you use this as an alternative to the usual in between meals snack you will lose weight.

10. Quinoa: This whole grain has become popular as people look for a healthy source of fiber and protein. Those who eat quinoa typically serve it as a side dish instead of pasta or white rice.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Protect Your Skin During Summer

Summer months put the most strain on our skin, largely because of the intense sunlight and longer days. Protecting your skin this summer will reduce risks of skin cancer later on in life, as well as reduce the signs of aging.


Take good care of your skin is one of the most important things you can do, because your skin in the largest organ of the on you. During this summer months, especially important that you take care of your skin because of those on the most easily to make your skin tense months of a year.


Here are some tips for you to keep your skin looking fresh this summer:

1. 8 glasses of water daily, besides juices or other fluids.

2. Try to avoid running between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun's intensity is at its greatest.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those which are rich in vitamin C, which plays a major role in keeping the skin looking healthy.

4. Slather on your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you head out for your run. Your skin needs time to absorb the lotion.

5. Eat vitamin E-rich foods, such as almonds, walnuts, and avocado. Vitamin E helps keep the skin moist and prevents its dehydration.

6. You can get a sunburn in as little as 15 minutes, so don't think doing a short run means you don't need sunscreen.

7. Avoid highly salted foods, and avoid adding extra salt to your food.

8. A good pair of UV blocking running sunglasses give your face more protection and also help protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays.


Summer is one of the most active times of the year and can provide you with a good boost of energy while keeping you entertained. So, don’t worry, get your summer stuff out and get set for season of fun, as long as you keep your skin healthy and fine.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Treatment for Lice | Lice Removal

Head lice are parasitic insects found most commonly behind the ears and near the neckline at the back of the neck. The medical term for head lice infestation is Pediculus humanus capitis. Although head lice may be embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable, they don't usually cause illness. However, they won't clear up on their own and you need to treat them promptly.


Head lice get their nourishment by sucking small amounts of blood from humans. Their favorite feeding area is the scalp, behind the ears, and at the nape of the neck.


Lice Causes:

Head lice can't fly or jump, and they're not transmitted by pets. They spread by head to head contact or via contact with contaminated personal belongings or home furnishings.

* Head to head contact

* Sharing personal items Caps, hats, scarves, Brushes, combs, Headphones.

* Home furnishings Towels, Clothing, Blankets, Pillows.


Lice Symptoms:

Signs and symptoms of lice include:

* Intense itching.

* Tickling feeling from movement of hair.

* Lice on your scalp, body, clothing, or pubic or other body hair. Adult lice may be about the size of a sesame seed or slightly larger.

* Nits on hair shafts.

* Small, red bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders.


Natural Prevention of Head Lice:

* Wash all clothing worn in hot water.

* Live head lice can be vacuumed off from sofas, carpets etc.

* Brushes and combs should be soaked in hot water or alcohol for 15 minutes.

* Try to avoid sweet foods; it is believed in Ayurveda that lice are attracted by the blood having more glucose.

* Short hair and regular vigorous brushing are a good idea to prevent re infestation.


Natural Lice Remedies | Treating Lice:

* Wash your hair with a normal natural shampoo or with a soap and blow dry with hot air.

* Wash your hairs with vinegar. It kills all the nits in two days. You can also apply coconut oil on your head after shampooing and conditioning.

* Prepare another natural remedy for head lice using shareefa seeds. Grind it and use the powder on the scalp as long as you get relief from the lice.

* You can add 10-15 drops of tea tree oil into shampoo bottle and then use it for hair wash. This is also one of the best home remedies for head lice.

* Usage of shaving cream is also useful to kill these lice and their eggs. Apply a thick coat of shaving cream, rub it and keep it for about 15 to 20 min.

* Mix lemon juice with fine garlic paste, massage your head using this mixture in the night and wash your hair in the morning.

* Take some coconut oil, drop few leaves of neem and keep it aside in a glass bottle. Use the oil regularly till it kills all the lice.

* Application of castor oil also helps to prevent the growth of the lice.

* Cut apple into slices and strongly massage your scalp using the slices for 25 to 30 minutes, continue doing this massage for 3 days till you eliminate lies completely from your hair.

* You can also massage your head with mayonnaise oil and comb it after two hours.

* In a bottle of regular shower gel, remove the lid and add three tablespoons of salt. Saturate the hair and scalp with the mixture and leave on for ½ hour. Wash out the hair like normal.


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