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Eye Allergy Home Remedies


Eye allergy is occurred manly due to sudden dust exposure or for consumption of some trigger elements which causes allergy for the person whose eye has been affected. The eye may turn into red color and the affected patient may feel extreme itchy conditions in eye. If the trigger of the allergy is dust, it may affect the white portion of eye namely

sclera, which requires to be prevented by any effort.

A doctor’s consultation about the controlling of allergy is preferred, if by chance the doctor is not available for that moment, the home remedies can be tried for better relief.

Eye allergy may cause extreme pain and may cause bleeding from the allergy affected eye.

Allergies Home Remedies

Water wash is the best preventive to reduce itchiness and irritation of eyes affected by allergy. Rinse off your eyes by cold water as maximum time you can do but never pat dry harshly. Use soft tissue paper to wipe off water from the

Rose water is good preventive of eye allergy. Pour 2-3 drops of rose water in the allergy affected eyes and keep shut the eyelids at lest for 5-10 minutes to allow the rose water to be inside the eye and to work on its infection.

Due to infection, eyes become red and it feels hot inside. Splashing affected eye frequently with plain cold water helps in reducing the pain and discomfort of allergy.

Once the eye allergy occurs in any of the eyes it develops a general tendency to recur on and on within a short interval. Consumption of Indian gooseberry juice with natural honey develops internal resistance for allergy problem and it works after 2 weeks sincere continuation of the medicine.

Add 3 teaspoon salt in 1 glass of water and boil the water for 20 minutes. Let the water be cool, when it will be cold enough, pat the salt water with clean cotton in the corner of the affected eye, it will clear the sticky discharge as well as the dust particles inside the eye and will surely provide relief from discomfort and itching caused by eye allergy.

You can also Use drops for Eye Allergies

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