Sunday, June 19, 2011

Itching Skin Treatment | Itching Skin Relief

What is Itching Skin:

Itchy skin is an uncomfortable, irritating sensation that can make scratching irresistible. It seems simple. When you itch, you scratch. But itchy skin can have hundreds of possible causes. Also known as pruritus.

Itching skin can affect a small area of the skin or the full body, and it differs in severity, frequency and duration, depending on the underlying cause.

Itching Skin Causes:

* Dry skin

* Infections

* Internal diseases

* Nerve disorders

* Irritants

* Allergic reactions

* Drugs

* Pregnancy

* Kidney Failure

* Sweating

Symptoms Itchy Skin:

Symptoms that can occur with itching include rash, dry skin, jaundice, and skin lesions. Serious symptoms that can occur with itching include severe hives, fainting, difficulty breathing, wheezing, mouth or tongue swelling, and facial swelling.

Itching Skin Remedies:

* Anti-itch lotions and ointments are the most effective remedies for itchy skin.

* Mixing three parts of baking soda in one part of water and applying the resultant paste on the affected area helps stop itching sensation on skin.

* Honey and cold pressed olive oil are also beneficial home remedies for itchy skin.

* Use a high quality moisturizing cream on your skin. Apply this cream at least once or twice daily.

* Aloe Vera gel is also one of the most effective remedy for itchy skin.

* Wear smooth textured cotton clothing. This will help you avoid irritation.

* Avoid scratching whenever possible. Cover the itchy area if you can't keep from scratching it. Trim nails and wear gloves at night.

* Applying coconut oil mixed with lemon juice serves as a good natural remedy for Itchy Skin. Moreover, coconut oil also provides nourishment to the skin.

* Prepare nettle tea by steeping a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves in a cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes. Finally, have one or two cups of this tea to get rid of Itchy Skin.

* Application of a piece of cloth soaked in basil tea or mint tea is useful in the natural treatment for Itchy Skin.

Itchy Skin Prevention:

* Taking short baths in warm water.

* Avoiding use of cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, and starch based powders.

* Avoiding wool and other harsh fabrics.

* Avoiding vigorous exercise (if sweating causes itching).

* Avoiding use of dryer anti-static sheets.

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