Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Throat Irritation Treatment | Throat Irritation Cure

What is Throat Irritation:

Throat irritation is a common complaint in individuals of all ages. Throat irritation means different things to different people. Some people may mean a dry cough, others describe it as a scratchy feeling at the back of the throat.


Throat irritation is when an individual has a hard time swallowing. The person will notice that when they attempt to pass something through their throat, like food or water, it is very uncomfortable.


Throat Irritation Symptoms:

One of the first signs noticed before throat irritation is the need to swallow saliva more frequently, this symptom is evident even before the throat irritation begins. People also realize that they are suffering from irritation in the throat, when they feel the urge to clear their throat very often. At times, a person’s voice may also crack, while speaking. Soon after the irritation starts, the person tends to experience a constant tickle in throat and cough; people may cough up phlegm in such instances. It is also common to notice pain in addition to throat irritation after eating, swallowing liquids or yawning.


Throat Irritation Causes:

• Minor ailments like fever, which generally lead to throat irritation when swallowing.

• Reaction to anesthesia, which could lead to throat irritation after surgery or an operation.

• Infected tonsils.

Allergies, food intolerance and exposure to pollutants.

• Consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol, cold beverages or ice cream.

Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disorder (GERD), indigestion or heartburn.

• Smoking or exposure to excessive passive smoke, which is generally characterized by throat irritation and dry cough.


Throat Irritation Remedies:

* Gargling is a very common remedy. In 1 glass of lukewarm water, add quarter tablespoon of salt and 2 pinches of turmeric powder and gargle. Turmeric has many antiseptic properties. Repeat this 2 to 3 times a day.

* Warm liquids, such as soup, broth, warm water and herbal tea are all excellent when it comes to soothing an inflamed and irritated throat. This helps the throat to recover faster.

* A cough syrup will be just fine and is one of the easy remedies for throat irritation.

* In case of throat irritation from alcohol or smoking, the best remedy is to give up or at least cut down on these habits.

* Boil 1½ glass of water with sliced ginger, 4 to 5 leaves of holy basil for 15 to 20 minutes and drink it hot.

* Boil milk with ½ tsp of turmeric powder and a pinch of salt. Drink this milk when warm every night before going to bed. This is a very effective remedy for throat irritation.

* Ginger tea is one of the best remedies for throat irritation.

* Boil whole lemon in water, and squeeze the juice in a bowl after it cools. Mix this juice with honey. Every 3 hour take 1 tsp of this mixture. This will help to alleviate your throat irritation.

* Lemon grass also helps to soothe irritated throat because of its medicinal properties. You can boil it in 1 pint of water and add 4 to 5 strands of the grass-like plant. If you want to make it sweet, you can add 1 tablespoon of honey and drink it hot.

* Put any vapor rub in hot water and inhale the steam.

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