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Runny Nose Remedies | Runny Nose Treatment

Runny nose (rhinorrhea) occurs when nasal tissues and blood vessels become congested or swollen with excess fluid or mucous that runs out your nose or down the back of your throat. A runny nose is a common symptom of many childhood illnesses, including colds and other upper respiratory tract infections, and allergies.

Runny Nose

A runny nose is a symptom of a wide variety of mild to serious diseases, disorders and conditions. A runny nose can result from infection, inflammation, trauma, foreign body and other abnormal processes.

Runny Nose

Causes of Runny Nose:

Runny nose can be caused by a cold, influenza, allergies to dust, pollen or pet dander, or as a response to irritants such as tobacco smoke. Other irritants such as spicy foods also can trigger a runny nose.

Runny Nose

Symptoms of Runny Nose:

You have an upper respiratory tract infection that could most likely be a case of rhinitis or common cold. The cause of this could be either an allergy or because of a viral infection. In most situations, this is something that just has to run its course, as there is no treatment for a viral infection except the body’s own immune system. What you are probably interested in more than anything else is to alleviate the symptoms and feel a bit more comfortable.

Runny Nose

Remedies for Runny Nose:

* Inhaling steam is a popular runny nose home remedy. Steam inhalation helps in providing marked relief. But be careful while taking steam, as the water should not be boiling hot. As a runny nose remedy for colds, steam inhalation is definitely helpful.

* Using a humidifier is also an effective runny nose remedy. This will prevent excessive dryness of the nose.

* Find out what you are allergic to. If total avoidance is not possible, cover your nose and mouth while dealing with such allergens.

* Keep yourself warm. Low temperatures can trigger a cold. So do not sit in a room with the air conditioner on for long when you have a runny nose.

* Wash the bedding and clean floors frequently to reduce dust and other local irritants.

* Try to avoid pets and carpets.

* Putting plain heated mustard oil in the nostrils through a dropper is another popular natural cure for Runny Nose. Use this oil on one nostril at a time as it has a strong smell.

* Having a cup of warm water mixed with about two to three drops of lime juice and a tablespoon of honey is useful in providing relief from this condition.

* Inhaling turmeric smoke is another highly beneficial Runny Nose natural remedy. This smoke can be created by heating ground turmeric soaked in linseed oil.

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