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Dry Eye Treatment | Dry Eye Relief

Dry Eye Problem:

Dry eyes as the name symbolizes is the condition where the eyes become dry. Due to this dryness of the eyes and reduced lubrication, the eyes start aching, become red, itchy, the vision becomes blurred and there is a feeling of a dust or some foreign body present in the eye.

Dry Eye

The eye depends on the flow of tears to provide constant moisture and lubrication to maintain vision and comfort. Tears are a combination of water, for moisture; oils, for lubrication; mucus, for even spreading; and antibodies and special proteins, for resistance to infection. These components are secreted by special glands located around the eye. When there is an imbalance in this tear system, a person may experience dry eyes.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Cause:

In addition to an imbalance in the tear flow system of the eye, dry eyes can be caused by situations that dry out the tear film. This can be due to dry air from air conditioning, heat, or other environmental conditions.

Dry Eye

Symptoms of Dry Eye:

Stinging, burning, scratchiness, stringy mucus, and excess irritation from smoke are the usual symptoms.

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Remedy:

* Close your eyes and place a warm, damp wash cloth over your eyes. Keep it on for about 5 to 10 minutes, re-wetting with warm water as needed. This helps open clogged oil glands in the eyes, thus restoring moisture.

* Use water proof eye makeup. This reduces the irritation in the eyes.

* Brew some tea. Put 2 cotton balls into the warm tea and soak them well. When saturated with tea, place a cotton ball on each eyelid. Leave the tea bags on your dry eyes for about 5 minutes.

* Tamarind seeds can be soaked in warm water for some time. The extract from the seeds should be taken to help cure dry eyes.

* Splash water in the eyes at constant intervals when you are at work or home. Your eyes receive some moisture from water.

* Another dry eyes remedy is to turn off any artificial cooling or heating outlets. This is because they reduce the natural moisture and mucus of the eyes.

* Avoid rubbing your eyes. You can irritate your eyes further by rubbing them.

* Wear glasses on windy days and goggles while swimming. The wraparound style of glasses may help reduce the effects of the wind.

* Avoid medicated eye drops.

* If using contact lenses, wear than for lesser hours each day. Consult your physician.


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