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Home Remedy Teeth Whitening | Tooth Whitening

As more and more people experience the yellowing of teeth, more and more peoples demand from dentists whiter teeth.Teeth whitening the Teeth has now become a beauty appeal. Getting Sparkling teeth and smile on your face is very easy now.

Teeth Bleaching or Tooth whitening is a treatment for getting stain-free teeth.But before solutions are sought, the causes should be known. Tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, is one of the largest causes of stained teeth. Other possible causes include fruit juices(especially grape), red wine, fruits such as blueberries, soy sauce, and curry.However, other less known items such as coffee, tea, and colas also contribute greatly towards tooth discoloration.

Causes of stained teeth:

Do you wonder how you got stained teeth? There are many causes of discolored teeth, including

1. Some people are born with stained teeth or have a higher tendency to accumulate stained teeth than others.

2. After years of drinking tea, coffee and wine, smoking and general aging can contribute to stained teeth.

3. Some medication like Tetracycline and fluoride may cause tooth discoloration.

Symptoms of teeth Whitening:

1. Teeth with gray, brown, black & Yellow stains are generally observed which looks guy.

2. White Strips present in the teeth caused because of the high fluorine content (common source in drinking water).

3. All these symptoms indicates prpblem in the teeth and need a proper teeth whitening treatment to keep your teeth white,becteria free and free from plaque.

Home Remedy Teeth Whitening:

1. The common salt is a great way to get your teeth whitening. Use this instead of your paste at least twice a week for the best effects. Be sure that you rinse your mouth often so you would swallow any salt.

2. Avoid too much starchy foods as well as acid causing foods. Eat more saliva creating foods such as apples, sugar cane, guavas, cucumbers, celery, etc. The effect of this food would not only be on the teeth but also on your digestive system since these would give you the much needed fiber that aids digestion.

3. Mix baking soda with enough hydrogen peroxide to make a toothpaste like consistency, says Dr. Levin, then brush stains away. Be sure not to use too much peroxide, as it can cause burning.

4. After every meal, rinse the food from your teeth, says Dr. Maitland. If you can't get to a restroom, pick up your water glass, take a swig, then rinse and swallow at the table.

5. Mouthwashes that have an antibacterial action will reduce stain catching plaque, says Dr. Featherstone.

6. Rubbing the bark of walnut tree will also help to remove teeth stains.

7. Rub teeth with the inner white part of an orange peel for a lovely white shine.

8. Brush your teeth with apple cider vinegar every night.

9. Rub the paste made of half teaspoon of bi carbonate and soda on your teeth.

10. Drink water after eating any food or beverage like coffee or blueberries that causes stains. Water will help in preventing stains from accumulating.


  1. Thanks for posting these home remedy tips for teeth whitening. I'll try these tips to maintain my white teeth after having a teeth whitening session with my trusted Bartlett dentist. I'll pass these on with his fellowdentists (Bartlett) so they can share them with their patients, as well.

  2. I'll try these home tips, have tried to keep my teeth white,but to no avail. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the tips as they are certainly helpful. Besides those I’d also like to add one point if you allow me to do so whenever you want remedy for tooth whitening make sure that you focus on that also. Thus that will be more productive.

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