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Dysentery Treatment | Home Remedies for Dysentery

What is Dysentery:

Dysentery is a general term for a group of gastrointestinal disorders characterized by inflammation of the intestines, particularly the colon. Characteristic features include abdominal pain and cramps, straining at stool (tenesmus), and frequent passage of watery diarrhea or stools containing blood and mucus. Dysentery is a disease that primarily affects the intestines. Usually found in poorer areas of the world.


The bacteria enters the body through the mouth in food or water, and also by human faces and contact with infected people. The diarrhea causes people suffering from dysentery to lose important salts and fluids from the body. This can be fatal if the body dehydrates.


Symptoms of Dysentery:

Dysentery Symptoms Include:

* Runny diarrhea might contain blood, mucus, and pus.

* Exertion during bowel movements.

* Pain in the abdomen.

* Vomiting and nausea.

* Fever.

* Nausea.

* Achy muscles throughout the body.

* Frequent motions which are watery.

* Rapid weight loss and dehydration. The elderly and the very young are particularly vulnerable to dehydration.


Dysentery Causes:

1. Germ infection in the colon.

2. Over spiced food and fatty foods.

3. Unsanitary conditions, chill.

4. Intestinal disorders.

5. Lowered vigor.

6. Fatigue and weakness.


Dysentery Prevention:

Dysentery is spread because of poor hygiene. To minimize the risk of catching the disease:

• Wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet and regularly throughout the day, particularly after coming into contact with an infected person.
• Wash your hands before handling, eating or cooking food, handling babies and feeding children or elderly people.

• Keep contact with an infected person to a minimum.

• Do not share towels and facecloths.

• Wash the laundry of an infected person on the hottest setting possible.

Dysentery Remedies:

* Wood apple is very useful in dysentery. The soft pulp of the fruit should be taken twice daily.

* Grind about 2 grams of seeds of fenugreek into fine powder. Put it in a bowl full of curds. Drink it three times in day. It will provide relief.

* 50 gm Yogurt mixed with small amount of honey 3 times a day gives fast relief.

* Powder 2 to 4 gm of ginger. Add it to a glass of warm water.

* Apple is also considered advantageous in the management of acute and chronic dysentery in the kids.

* Eat simple food, preferably curd rice.

* One can chew the leaves of Butea tree in case the dysentery is mild.

* Pound some curry leaves, when tender into a pulp and mix honey. Take 2 teaspoonfuls twice in a day.

* One can have kichari, Indian form of rice gruel whereby moong dal(lentils) are boiled and rice added to it. The two are pounded. It can be easily digested.

* Extract ginger juice in some warm water and add castor oil. Have it for two as it cures you of the dysentery completely.

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