Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Remedies for Pimples | Pimple Home Remedies

Pimples are small lesions on the surface of the skin, which sometimes cause great nflammation and irritation. Pimples are formed when the pores on the skin becomes clogged or infected. This usually occurs when blackheads or white heads become severe. Sometimes pimples develop out of no reason and usually go away with the passage of time but in most cases these pimples are an initial phase of acne or other skin problems. This usually happens when people ignore pimples, which results in severe acne. If further ignored acne pimples may often turn into ugly scars.


Causes of Pimples:

* Constipation
* Not cleansing the face thoroughly
* To much consumption of coca cola, tea, coffee
* Less consumption of water
* Late nights
* Hormonal imbalance



Symptoms of Pimples:

appears as whiteheads and blackheads on the face, shoulders, neck and chest. Pimple can range from mild to severe and can last a few weeks, months, years or can come and go throughout life. If a blemish becomes infected, a pimple can result. Severe acne can be painful and can cause serious scars if not treated.


Home Remedies for Pimples:

* Create a paste from ground orange peels and apply to affected areas.

* Juice of raw papaya is the best treatment for pimples. Apply fresh juice of raw papaya on pimples and get a good result.

* Gently apply fresh lime juice on pimples.

* Tea tree oil is another popular and effective remedy for pimples.

* The oatmeal mixture should be applied like a mask on the effected area for 20 minutes. This oatmeal mask should be used twice a week for great results.

* Mixing grind nutmeg with milk will work to remove pimples instantly.

* Applying an orange peel paste on the area of your face with pimples is another effective way. The orange peel should become a paste by grinding it with little water.

* Use boiled milk combined with fresh lime juice as facial wash for cracked skin, blackheads, and pimples.

* Mint juice when applied on every evening can treat pimples as well. It also effective in treating scabies, insect stings, skin infections, and eczema.

* Apply on the affected area for at least 1 hour the pulp of ripe tomatoes. Wash it off with water.

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